Here's what I've been working on so far!

At the Connected Experience (CoEx) Lab

As a Research Associate in the CoEx Lab, my primary project has been an empirical qualitative study analyzing diversity and inclusion in open source. By interviewing 'core' contributors to open source projects, we've noticed some differences between the career trajectories of men and women & non-binary contributors. For this project, I've screened 4000+ users, recruited and interviewed 21 participants, created a coding scheme following grounded theory, and first-authored a paper currently under review.

I've also worked on several additional projects as part of my role in the CoEx lab. I've designed bot interventions on Github seeking to aid first-time contributors, analyzed the unique experiences of BIPOC in open source communities, studied the maintainer influence on project diversity and newcomer retention, and analyzed conversations in Github regarding codes of conduct and governance.

My publications:

Published papers can be found in my repository.

  • Renee Li, Laura Dabbish, Pavitthra Pandurangan, Hana Frluckaj “Code of Conduct Conversations in Open Source Projects on Github” In: Conference on Computer-supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW)
  • Accepted: Hana Frluckaj, Laura Dabbish, David Gray Widder, James D. Herbsleb “Open Source Software Participation Trajectories for Male and Female Participants” In: Conference on Computer-supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW)
  • In Progress: Hana Frluckaj, Huilian Qiu, Laura Dabbish, Bogdan Vasilescu, “Trickle Down Diversity: Company Influence on Project Diversity and Newcomer Retention”